If you started your DofE Skills course a while ago…here’s 3 tips to help you along

If you started your DofE Skills course a while ago...here's 3 tips to help you along

If you signed up to our course a while back and haven’t yet finished, don’t despair.

It doesn’t matter when you started your DofE Skills course, or whether it’s for your Bronze DofE or your Silver DofE – all that matters is that you finish it! If you have taken a break because lockdown got in the way then here’s some tips to get you back on track.

1. Schedule some time to read through what you have completed already

This will put you in the right frame of mind.

Sometimes having a plan really works. Break everything down into manageable chunks.If you are due to make a product, spend half an hour ready through the recipe, organising ingredients & making sure you are clear about what you will be doing. Then walk away and take a break. We do this frequently and call it thinking time. When you are ready to make the product, get back to it. Your break could be an hour or a couple of days. It doesn’t matter. 

2. Don’t despair if your products don’t look like everyone elses

One of the best things about the DofE award is that it is yours alone – you work hard to achieve it and should never compare yourself to others. Soaps and bath bombs come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some people have a creative flair, some don’t. The products still work exactly the same!

3. If you are struggling to find time to fit everything in - schedule an hour the week after next.

There is no immediate need to make something. If you have lots of homework or revision, try to find a day where you have very little. If you find a whole weekend free, schedule in to do a couple of hours. The benefit of our course is that it is completely flexible and you get to choose when to do it.

If you really find you are stuck with something – get in touch. We will always do our best to help anyone looking for support. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so just take a step back. Your DofE award will look fantastic on your CV – you may not appreciate now, it really will!