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Why is self-evaluation important?

Self-reflection might not seem like the coolest thing to do. However, understanding what self-evaluation is all about is like unlocking secret levels in a video game—it’s the key to leveling up in real life. Self-evaluation is your superhero ability to dig deep into your thoughts, feelings, and actions, helping you become the best version of yourself. Read our blog post about why self-evaluation is import for everyone. 

Think of self-evaluation as your personal journey of discovery. It’s not about being judged or graded; it’s about getting to know the amazing person within you. Ask yourself questions like, “What makes me tick?” or “How can I be a better version of myself?” This isn’t a boring homework assignment; it’s your chance to discover the strengths that make you stand out and the areas where you can grow.

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Although designed for our Soakster participants, this editable PDF can be used with any DofE activity.