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Our bath bomb stock is now completely SOLD OUT! Thank you so much to each and every one of you who has supported us. We still have cold process soaps which make the most amazing presents, especially at the moment. FREE DELIVERY IN THE KT3 POSTCODE (min spend £9) AREA & 20% OFF when you buy 4 or more. Happy shopping

Soakster is an Approved Activity Provider for the DofE. We hold licensed status for the skills section of your award. If you are completing your Duke of Edinburgh award, we offer a unique opportunity to learn how to make your own bath bombs, soap and scrubs.

You can complete our DofE Skills course for your Bronze or Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award section. Our DofE Skills course is a digital download book, with easy to follow recipes.  It is also packed with educational information. At the end of the course, you will complete a multiple-choice test. This is based on what you have learnt during the course.  Once you pass this, we will complete a fully personalised assessors report. We upload this to the DofE award website and will send a copy to you, so you can see what we have written.

The course is available nationally and has been pre-approved by the DofE, so you don’t need to check suitability with your DofE leader before you buy it!

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If you are still undecided about our course, check out our gallery for inspiration on what you can achieve with no prior experience!

DofE ingredients & equipment

You can take a look at some of the ingredients and equipment you will need for our course here. The course will give you a list of suppliers and you are free to shop around and source everything yourself – this page will give you some hints and tips on the best way to do this.


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